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WordPress is a content management system (CMS) powered by PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. WordPress is the world’s leading system to create websites and blogs. Currently, approximately 38% of all the content on the web was built with WordPress.

Need more? Design Rush has compiled a list of the Top WordPress Developers Of 2020 according to Design Rush.

Turning the Clock, One More Time (Daylight Savings Time) 

On November 1, many provinces and territories across Canada may be turning the clock back an hour for the last time. Before automation in technology, we were required to remember two special dates that required the hard labour of changing our clocks by an hour. This quirked its way into two sayings we’ve engraved into our brains “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” - a way to depict which direction to move the hour based on the season.  However, even with technology advancements that meant...

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It’s 2022: These Are Seven “Features” That Shouldn’t Cost Extra

  When it comes to web design, there are many designers and packages available. Various players in the web industry have tried to differentiate themselves with new features and buzzwords - but how many of these “premium features” are actually standard? In many cases, your provider may be artificially throttling a feature they get for free, or in unlimited supply, just to turn around and sell it to you as something special. When looking for your next website design, make sure that you are...

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WordPress: How Popular Is It?

WordPress has become a global marvel and it has taken a long leap since its release in 2003. From the 1st version of WordPress in 2003, it has been growing considerably even today. Being the most superior CMS in this industry, WordPress stands above its rival brands and constitutes a good amount of market share. The sheer scope and size of the impact of WordPress are huge, which is why we have gathered some shocking stats to help you put into perspective. The Project Cost Calculator of Open...

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